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Mobile App Protection at Record Speed
Date: Jul 14, 2020

Fast, Simple and 100% automated

A Singapore app developer went from contacting us about our security solutions to publishing a fully shielded healthcare app on Google Play in less than 5 hours. In business, time is money. We can protect your apps too!

Mobile App Protection at Record Speed
Bringing Simplicity to Mobile App Security
Date: Oct 23, 2019

Security solutions abound, yet faulty implementation is the all-too-common culprit

The available security options for mobile application developers are nearly endless, yet we see a never-ending stream of attacks that often result in the erosion of user confidence and the loss of revenue or downloads.

There are Apple and Android apps for nearly anything one could dream up these days. However, as we give these apps permission to become the latest addition to our daily lives, there is no clear path toward ensuring that the developers we rely on have adequately implemented the security solutions they chose to prevent attacks.

Indeed, a huge swath of the security solutions available on the market today are fairly powerful and robust. Finding proven security is no longer the problem, as today’s security technology is innovative and, if used as instructed, can be a suitable barrier that thwarts cyber criminals. The true problem in the mobile app security market is that developers fail to implement the security correctly. And that’s because is complicated and often expensive.

Good Protection Is Rendered Useless if Implemented Incorrectly

The best security technology is useless if it wasn’t woven into the app in such a way that it does its intended job. You can purchase, for example, the heaviest and most expensive door for a bank’s vault, but if the installation crew didn’t properly hang the door or install the hinges correctly, you’re losing the majority of its strength and deterrence. With just a little bit of snooping, criminals can notice and exploit that vulnerability.

Making that installation of the application security technology easy and fast is the new need. It’s what mobile app developers are screaming for – especially when it’s too late. They lack the needed security knowledge and expertise and need a simple way to ensure its implementation.

This is where security innovators that already offer proven security are currently failing their developer customers. Today’s application security companies are baking the best cakes and pies around, but if they’re asking their customers to bring their own cake pans and pick them up themselves, there are bound to be some mistakes and dropping disasters along the way.

Why Attempt It Yourself?

Developers should be able to remain focused on their core strength. They should create their app – and in fact, finish it entirely. Then, and only then, use an easy cloud-based service that handles the security on their behalf. Upload a completed app and receive it back in a matter of minutes with security technology that has been implemented for them. They don’t have to hire outside security experts. It’s done. And it’s simple.

It’s an art to make something simple. And only one such simple security service for developers exists today. Try out App Shield and you’ll be able to protect your app with the peace of mind that you’re not only gaining the industry’s best security at an affordable price, but you did so using the proper configurations that truly frustrate attackers.

Simplicity is an art. And Verimatrix App Shield is the industry’s latest masterpiece.


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